MBE Release Notes | 7.31.2018

Posted on July 31, 2018

Do your employees know how contributions made to their health savings accounts (HSA) affect their out-of-pocket costs? This week, the benefitexpress team is proud to announce a new feature made to the beneFITwise decision support module which allows the ability to incorporate HSA into the decision-making process – empowering your employees to make better decisions in regards to their employee benefits.

Keep reading for the full list of new updates!

New Features:

New to the beneFITwise decision support module is the ability to factor in HSA contributions to the RealCost scenario. The new feature allows employees who are offered an HSA plan to view the employer contribution and receive recommendations of personal contribution based off the RealCost prediction.

The ability to incorporate the HSA into the decision-making process gives the employee a better understanding of how contributions made to their HSA affect their out-of-pocket costs.



1) Users of the embedded UNUM enrollment page can now make changes to their plans during Life Events directly from the enrollment platform, instead of having UNUM process the request manually.

2) Additionally, we have added the ability for employees to cancel existing coverage within the enrollment window, so the user does not have to contact UNUM directly to process the request.

3) Credit questions and responses will now be visible on the employee benefit confirmation page.


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