MBE Release Notes | 6.5.2018

Posted on June 5, 2018


The ability to write content is great, but being able to format your text the way you like it is the cherry on top! This week, we are pleased to announce the release of a new enhancement made to formatting text within the Content Zone to improve visual appearance, along with a new option for HR reps within the enrollment process.


1) Formatting text in the Content Zone for better visualization by the client has been made easier with the addition of quick indent code base options.

2) HR reps now have the option to restrict extra enrollment questions based on user demographics.


UPDATED: The Plan Info tab was taking its time appearing for some users. Now it should automatically appear without being prompted.

UPDATED: HSA Employee Contributions disappeared off the PDF report but it has reappeared and will now display the same on the PDF as it does on the web version.

UPDATED: Three seconds or less is our new mantra when it comes to MBE page loading. Sorry for any slowness previously experienced.


Topics: My Benefit Express