MBE Release Notes | 5.8.2018

Posted on May 8, 2018

This week, we are proud to announce the release of the NEW Cloud Service Automation (CSA) feature within the My Benefit Express platform. Additionally, we'll reveal several new enhancements to the platform. Continue reading to learn more! 

New Features:

Cloud Service Automation

The CSA tool was developed to streamline and automate the CSA’s manual processes within MBE. This new feature will allow CSAs enhanced control over importing and exporting data, while automating the ability to encrypt and send files automatically. This sleek new feature will validate files on export and offer a visual display of export failures and the ability to reprocess without completely starting over. Some of the awesome facets of this feature being released this week include:

1) All carrier exports will have the “approved” flag automatically checked when reviewed and do not trigger the “Empty File” or “Null or Blank Values” specific errors. (“Export Config > “Download Exports” screen).

2) Users will no longer be able to un-check the “production” flag on the “Export Config > Download Exports” screen. 

3) Added ability to mark a file as “test export” from the “Export Config > “Run Carrier File (Changes File)” screen. 

4) Added new “Encrypt” and “Post” automation options “Export Config > “Configure File Writer” screen.

5) Updated the automated emails generated when running the carrier exports to include additional errors and the Export Run ID.

6) Added new “Export Config > “Export Status Screen” to view export status across clients (for BE users only). 

Embedded UNUM API

The Embedded UNUM API will now allow users to enroll in Critical Illness, Disability, Group Accident, Whole Life and Hospital Indemnity.

1 MBE 5-8-18


The My Request page will no longer be available to participants accessing My Inbox on MBE v4.

An employee or HR representative will have the ability to view and print PDF documents like Pension Statements, Total Compensation Statements and ACA Statements for individual employees that were mass loaded to the site.

The ability to add an HTML link to the Content Zone for quick access to user specific files is now available.

Users with multiple deduction frequencies will now see the deductions broken out by frequency on the Confirmation Statement.

Pension data is now available for the user to view in a dynamic table format within v5.

2 MBE 5-8-18

If allowed by the employer, users will now be able to estimate their life insurance needs. When using the Life Insurance Calculator user will be able to enter expenses and assets to determine what insurance would be needed.

3 MBE 5-8-18

Within the Quick Docs search feature HR users will now be able to access library links to add/update documents.

Clients who have converted to v5 will no longer be able to login to the v4 platform. Client specific URLs will be redirected to stop users from accessing the site using saved bookmarks and logging in to the incorrect version.

In the My Plans module, users will be able to Print or Email the vendor contact information available for their plans by using available icons in the modal window.

4 MBE 5-8-18

The auto date flag functionality has been given new logic that will now take the user directly to the Life Event Enrollment Window instead of the Life Event Page

The Dependent Data grid has been updated to display multilingual ‘Insufficient Document’ or ‘Denial’ reasons to the employee.

The platform now has the functionality to hide or display a ‘Request Assistance’ module under the Contact Us area, as well as the ability to control the ‘HideEcomm’ function from the front-end within General Settings.

Within the Life Estimator the user will now see information about the suggested amount on the enrollment page.

5 MBE 5-8-18

Bug Fixes:

Fixed: Changes were being made within the Emergency Contact page before a user chose to save the content.

Fixed: Beneficiary Designations were not appearing on Confirmation page when a Life Event Change was made.

Fixed: Enrollment pre-qual questions were not showing when the frequency was set to ‘Only Once,’ this issue has been resolved.

Fixed: For employees with previously waived plans and no previous elections, the approved dependents will appear in the approved section of the Coverage panel without the need to clear the cache.

Fixed: Tool tips within the Deduction Pay Carousel will show the correct Plan Type name as what the user is hovering over.

Fixed: Under Content Maintenance section, the Client Icon Configuration section will now include a scroll-bar for easy access of extended icon lists.

Fixed: Updating the ordinals within a configuration has been fixed so that when changes are made to the configuration it will update the order on the home screen.

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