MBE Release Notes | 4.10.2018

Posted on April 10, 2018

This week, we are happy to share our improvements made to the My Benefit Express platform. Updates include six fantastic enhancements and a few minor bug fixes. Read all about it!


1) HR users now have ability in v5 to do a quick view of recently uploaded documents within the HR Taskpad. By default, the feature allows for a view of documents uploaded within the last seven days.

2) The ability to view “Additional Fields” that pertain to both the employee and dependents has been added in v5. This impacts the Benefits Profile, Quick Look and the Confirmation Statement.

3) The user Confirmation Statement now includes a section with the ‘Additional Information’ provided to the employee during the time of enrollment.

4-10-18 MBE Blog Image 1

4) “Hide Deps as Covered on Confirm” flag is now functional in v5 and will suppress the data on the Confirmation Statement.

5) While within the enrollment module of v5, the system will now allow users to designate if the employee is related to another employee within the company, which would report on duplicate coverage.

4-10-18 MBE Blog Image 2

6) HR users can now search all employees and/or dependents who have a pending Medicare Status and can quickly update the status to approved or denied within the Taskpad.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed: When making an election for a one-time payment the payments were not appearing on the confirmation statement.

Fixed: The system was delivering a server ‘Compiler Error’ when trying to access import rules.

Fixed: In v4 the debit card function was not working when you clicked Add Dependent Cards.

Fixed: Users were unable to view plan information under Flexible Spending Account Plan Type.

Fixed: Link associated with enrollment follow-up questions were not opening associated documents as expected.

Fixed: Within the Benefits Profile, the Beneficiaries Grid plan types were not displaying in the correct order.

Fixed: The read only field titled ‘Opened by’ when editing User Contact within the HR Taskpad was not displaying content.

Fixed: The read only field which displays the first and last ‘viewed’ date under Saved Documents was not displaying content.

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