MBE Release Notes | 3.27.2018

Posted on March 27, 2018

This week, we are highlighting a new feature made to the My Benefit Express V5 platform. Additionally, we will discuss new enhancements and several fixes made to the system in our constant effort to strive for a stress-free user experience. Continue reading to get the inside scoop!

New Features:

The Dynamic Total Compensation Statement is now available in V5.

MBE New Feature Photo 3-27-18.png


UNUM’s embedded enrollment API allows users to enroll and answer enrollment questions, which are designated by UNUM, in real time. Elections are immediate and the user continues through their enrollment in other benefits. With a total of five plan types planned, Short-Term Disability is now in production.

For plans that require an election but the employer doesn’t allow a change to the election during annual enrollment, the user will be able to see their election as if it were an “info only” plan. Per pay period contributions are included on the confirmation statement.

Approving Pending Medicare Verification can now be done in a single step directly from the HR Dashboard.

Does your spouse work and have benefits available through their own employer? The Working Spouse module is now available to all clients to capture information about the spouse’s employer and the cost of benefits being offered.

MBE Enhancement Photo 3-27-18

Bug Fixes:

Fixed: The Coverage Panel within Annual Enrollment was carrying dental elections over to the Mass Transit Reimbursement page.

Fixed: The COB screen was allowing users to bypass the fields that required users to provide additional dependent information.

Fixed: The beneFITwise Providers & Hospital page was not being suppressed.

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