MBE Release Notes | 12.19.2018

Posted on December 21, 2018

As we head into the holiday weekend, the My Benefit Express "elves" have been working hard to deliver 10 gifts in the form of updates so you can continue to exceed client expectations now and into the new year!

Keep reading to learn about updates made to the HR Dashboard, ACA Data Push module, Super Admin Profile and more!

  • The search function on the HR Dashboard has been updated to execute search functions based on alpha order by last name and then first name, regardless of the use of capitalization in the search criteria.

  • The dependent verification “User Reason” has been updated and now includes a new drop down dependent verification list.


  • The Dependent Search function on the HR Dashboard was not delivering the expected results. Additionally, the Employee Search function would become unresponsive following the use of the Dependent Search function. Both issues have been resolved and the system has been updated so that all results that match the search criteria for either function are returned.

  • Employees with dependents whose verification status changed to “documentation received and pending” were able to add coverage without the status being pended while the documentation was verified. This has been updated so that all unverified dependents will have a pending status until verified by an admin and released from the pending status.

  • The Data Push module for ACA has been updated to generate employee IDs that correspond with loading errors due to null fields. Now when an admin pushes data to ACA they can correct existing errors based on the list of user IDs provided by the system.


  • When impersonating a HR user with limited reporting group access, the Super Admin will be restricted to the current access rights of the user they are impersonating.

  • The Dynamic Compensation Statement will suppress rows in which there is a null value and allows the admin to designate custom flags associated with fields that have a zero as the value, so that the statement displays customized data which correlates with the individual’s eligibility rules.

  • Within the Benefits Profile and Quick Look, the system is set to display dynamically display premiums based on rules. In the instance when a calculated premium coverage amount is based on a percentage of the employee’s salary, the system will return in Quick Look the benefit amount as the designated percentage of the total benefit amount based on the employer designated rules.

  • The monthly transit/parking elections made by an employee were not allowing the employee to decrease future elections for a given month. The system has been updated so that future transit elections can be decreased, increased or canceled by an employee at any time.

  • An update has been made to the Super Admin profile which will establish default configurations and tables when adding a new client to the system.

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