MBE Release Notes | 11.27.2018

Posted on November 30, 2018

This week's MBE Release Notes introduces a new Communications Module feature that helps admin users detect employees with duplicate Company emails and fix them accordingly.

We also have nine updates to share with you - including an update to SMS verification codes. Keep reading to learn more!

New Feature:

The Communication Module now features new popups that notify Admin users of communication jobs that will include duplicate messages directed to users with the same UserID. It also notifies Admins if multiple employees share the same Company email address. The Admin will then be offered the chance to download an Excel file to review affected employees and modify the criteria to remove the duplicates, or continue, knowing communications will be held for all affected users. Held communications will need to be released one at a time.

Additionally, email jobs where one employee recipient shares the same Company email address with another employee will be held as a duplicate, so that communications are not inadvertently sent to the wrong employee. In order to release the email communication, one of the two employees will need to have their company email address updated in system.



  • When a report is set to be auto-posted to an FTP site through the export scheduler, if there is an error indicated in the export log the new system logic will prevent the reports from being dispersed to the FTP site.

  • When changes to the Benefit Class Definition are made by importing new Rate Discriminators, the new data was not saving as expected. The rate discriminator rules have been updated to allow updates to be loaded with the new rate discriminators via .xml spreadsheet import.

  • As an HR or Broker Admin with access to multiple companies, the Admin will be able to impersonate an employee from their Admin dashboard without having to sign into the specific company which the employee belongs to.

  • The Employee Beneficiary Report, which is a customized report detailing employee beneficiary information, was generating an error when a request was made to convert the report into PDF by use of the available icon button. Changes have been made which have repaired the ability to generate these Beneficiary Reports in PDF.

  • The Communication Preference page has been updated to prevent users from proceeding through the module before the user email address was saved within the system.

  • The logic for Transit Election Lead Months has been adjusted so that vouchers are available throughout the designated time period and canceled vouchers are given the appropriate lead time within the system.

  • When an HR Admin impersonates an employee to change Ecomm preferences, the system was not clearing the cache so that the update displayed. The system has been updated to automatically clear the cache when changes are made by the Admin so that updated values are refreshed and displayed once changes are made.

  • When a user updates their phone number for texting in the system, the system requires a verification code that is sent to the cell phone number provided. When a new verification code is requested by the user, the old verification code becomes invalid for use by the user


  • When an Admin user sets up a print job, the Admin includes a custom location that will be presented in an email as a path link when the job is complete. The custom location was not being retained as the time of setup. The system has been updated so that the print job is effectively saved in the custom location specified by the Admin user.

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