MBE Release Notes | 11.08.2018

Posted on November 14, 2018

Welcome back to your regularly scheduled benefitexpress MBE Release Notes! For those of you sprinting towards the end of Open Enrollment season, make sure to read through for information on several updates that will help you and your clients reach the OE finish line with ease!


1) When an employee makes a future transit voucher election, the system is designed to distinguish between the two and retain both the current and future election within the employee account. Cancellation of existing elections was removing the current month in addition to future months. This has been corrected so that months already deducted from payroll will not be cancelled.

2) The Call to Action panel on the Home page has a new widget that will let you quickly navigate to the file drawer where you can see saved documents.

3) When dependents age out of their benefits, the system is set to term the dependent election and record the election as waived within the employee account. The Dependent Age Out process has been modified to assign the ‘Elect No Coverage’ tier when there are no more children covered under a combined spouse and child life plan, and the spouse was never covered.

4) Admin users will be able to see the failed EINs when a multi-EIN client data is pushed through the ACAManager API so that EINs can be resolved at the time of data transfer.


5) Call center representatives now have the ability to access ACA forms for employees.

6) Dependent verification reports, which are generated through the communication module, will pull all user IDs for dependent verification letters regardless of their unverified or pending status.

7) When a user is using the BeneFITwise module within My Benefit Express, they now have the option to bypass the decision support area and proceed through a standard enrollment process.

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