MBE Release Notes | 10.18.2018

Posted on October 23, 2018

Welcome back to your bi-weekly edition of the MBE release notes! This week we have six updates to share. Updates range from information about expanded reporting groups to a new standardized styling update that makes printing address blocks easier. There's also an update in the BeneFITwise decision support tool that you won't want to miss. Continue reading to learn more!


1) With the new Expanded Reporting Groups, admins can now create unlimited reporting groups to use with the Custom Report Writer.

2) The push to generate the Excel file for uploading into ACAManager now supports multiple EINs.

3) The employee confirmation statement will reflect all elections, including pending elections for EOIs or for Life Events, so the employee can see all elections that were just made.

4) The address block between confirmation statements configured within the system have been set with standardized styling to reduce inconsistencies and make printing easier.

5) When a user navigates to “Login Help” from the login pages, the "Help Page" will reflect the help information associated with the browser the user is currently using.

6) The BeneFITwise decision support tool uses the employer contribution amount as a factor in the employees RealCost scenario. When there is an employer contribution, it is applied as a savings to the RealCost of the employee.

Topics: My Benefit Express