bCEnroll Release Notes | 9.18.19

Posted on October 2, 2019

Benefitexpress has been hard at work prepping for Annual Enrollment. We know how busy things can get for HR and benefits professionals around this time... so let's break up the week with a new round of bCEnroll updates! 

We won't keep you too long.. Please review the quick (but necessary!) enhancements below. 

Product Fixes

1. Cost and Coverages template is not calculating correctly

When an employee enrolls into a benefit plan, employers need the ability to communicate employee’s benefit plan cost per pay period in the election summary. The Cost and Coverage template controls what is displayed in the election summary and it was incorrectly calculating the employee’s cost. The template has been updated to calculate the employee per pay period cost based on what the employee or employer pays of the total plan cost in dollars or percent.


2. Pending requests are populated at top of admin page, but all requests have been updated 

When a participant completes enrollment of a Qualifying Life Event, administrators rely on the number of pending requests populated in the title bar to determine if any action is required. It appeared as if there were pending requests that required them to act. Now, the number of pending requests matches the actual pended request.


3. Tablet Device: Issue with entering beneficiary allocation percentage

Employees access bCEnroll from various devices and the expectation is that the experience is shared across all devices. When employees attempted to enter percentage allocations for beneficiaries while using a tablet the system would not accept it. An update has been made to allow employees to allocate percentages for their beneficiaries while using a tablet device.

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