bCEnroll Release Notes | 8.28.2018

Posted on August 29, 2018

This week we are back with information on the recent updates made to our bCEnroll system that will help make benefits enrollment easier than ever.


1) We have made a list of providers and their corresponding logos viewable in bCEnroll. This way, you can determine if you prefer to use the logo for “BCBS” or “Blue Cross Blue Shield,” for example, and adjust your provider name in bC4 accordingly.

This is available under Setup & Configuration at the bottom of the Benefits section.


2) The API will now create unique usernames across the entire system instead of unique only within the company.

3) Employer Cost has been added to the API Payroll Export.

4) The API import results email will now include the Company Name, Company Number, and Import ID for employees that did not import successfully.

5) bCEnroll will now recognize the other options within the Compensation Basis Flag beyond “Compensation at Time of Election.”


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