bCEnroll Release Notes | 5.23.2018

Posted on May 24, 2018

Updates galore! This week, we're announcing efficiencies to make your life and your employees' lives a little bit better. Read on for details on updates to: Life Events, Rate Calculations for Extra Dependents and Custom Benefit Questions.


1) We modified how Life Events are processed so that the “COBRA Event Initiated” item would show in the bC4 history (and ultimately on the COBRA feeds). While the Life Events themselves would process as expected, the way the COBRA events were processed did not show on the Employee History page which led to some confusion as to whether the event had been correctly recorded.

2) If an employee selected their dependents fast enough on an Age-Related Plan, they were able to enroll their family with incorrect rates. The rates would update, but not before the employee had already selected a plan and clicked “Next” in the enrollment process. While quite rare, this was definitely troublesome and the system has been updated to ensure employees are not able to enroll extra dependents with incorrect rates.

3) If a group uses Custom Benefit Questions, but an employee chooses a plan that is not setup to use Custom Benefit Questions, the EOI page used to show. With our new update, those questions will no longer appear for those employees.

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