bCEnroll Release Notes | 4.10.2018

Posted on April 11, 2018

We are thrilled to introduce a new "How to Get Started" feature made within the bCEnroll platform, so logging in is now easier than ever for your employees. Additionally, we will reveal our enhancement made to the spending credits function. Continue reading to learn more!

New Feature:

Introducing, customizable "How to Get Started" instructions! If you would like your employees to see specific instructions on how to log in to bCEnroll for the first time, you can now enable the “How to Get Started” with just a couple of clicks! Click on “Setup & Configuration” and select “How to Get Started” from the list. Once enabled, all you need to do is direct your employees to your company specific url: enroll.benefitsconnect.net/[webdirectory] and this is what they will see:



We are in expanding the usability of Spending Credits in bCEnroll. Currently, basic spending credit plans are supported in bCEnroll, but more complex eligibility requirements in regards to spending credits are not all available in bCEnroll. This release, we added the ability to define spending credits based on hours worked and will continue to expand the eligibility criteria list in the coming weeks.

Bug Fixed:

There was a bug that would cause any provider logo that had a special character in the title to error out. We have fixed it, so any and all logos should be seen all the time without any fancy naming conventions. We are looking at you, "Gold’s Gym."

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