bCEnroll Release Notes | 3.13.2018

Posted on March 13, 2018

How nice would it be if one day you woke up and that technical bug problem you've been dealing with is no longer a problem? Lucky for you ... dreams do come true! The bCEnroll platform has not only terminated two minor, yet bothersome bugs, but has also gone beyond that by making one major enhancement that you will love. Continue reading to view the details! 


We added a Save button to the Company Information page. This page previously saved any changes automatically so it may take a bit to get used to saving after making all your changes and before navigating away from the page. For example, uploading a logo, enabling Plan Comparison and Translation buttons can all be done at once and then the save button should be clicked to have them all take effect. This new “single save” ultimately makes the system work faster for you.

bCEnroll Release Notes 3.13.2018

We also added two new fields to the Personal Information page: Government Visa Number and Ethnic Code. As with all fields on the Personal Information page, the new fields can be renamed, hidden, set to required, etc. using the Default Field Settings page.


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Bug Fixes:

When an employee is locked out from the system because of too many failed password attempts, a successful password reset using the Forgot Password function was not removing the lock.

When selecting the Add Beneficiary button during Qualifying Life Event benefit enrollment page, the employee was immediately directed to their Consolidated Enrollment Form instead of back to their enrollment.

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