bCEnroll Release Notes | 11.27.2018

Posted on November 30, 2018

This week our bCEnroll updates provide the key to any locking activities you want to perform in bCEnroll! From "locking" rates for life plans, to searching for all locked employees in a company, we'll give you the "hot tips" you need to perform these tasks with ease. Keep reading to learn more!

Locked Rates

We have added the ability to “lock” rates for Life plans in bCEnroll. This is commonly used if an employee will pay the same premium year after year based on the "age/years of service" of their original enrollment date.

On the bC4 Costs & Coverage page of a Life plan, you will see a new field called “Use Previous Elected Rate” with a Yes/No dropdown.

If you would like to override any existing rates for this particular plan, follow these steps:

  1. Change this field to "Yes" and click "Save."

  2. Use the 900 file to import the expected monthly rates for employees whose rates you would like "locked."

  3. Employees you import will see the imported rates when they login to bCEnroll.

  4. Any employees that are not imported (such as new hires) will see the rates built into the plan itself as usual.


Hot Tip! Currently, this functionality only exists when coverage amounts are determined by “Flat Amounts” as shown in the image above.

Search for Locked Employees

Not to be confused with locked rates, you can now search for all locked employees in your company!

This pertains to employees that entered an incorrect password more than 6 times and are now “locked out” of the system.


  1. Under the Employees section, click on the “Search” button.

  2. At the bottom of the modal that pops up will be the “Login Locked” option.

  3. You can leave all other fields blank and simply choose “Locked” and you will then see all of the employees in your company that are currently locked out.


Reminder: Clicking the “Unlock” button will reset their password to their SSN.

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