bCEnroll Release Notes | 10.18.2018

Posted on October 23, 2018

This week our bCEnroll updates are sure to help you administer benefits with ease as we gear up for Open Enrollment season! From additional Outline of Benefits viewing capabilities, to the ability to close/cancel life events when the window has passed or the employee has not made any elections, our updates are designed to help you make quick work of complicated processes. Keep reading to learn more!


1) A link to the Outline of Benefits has been added to the My Benefits tab of the Consolidated Enrollment Form. Now an employee will be able to view the Outline of Benefits even if they are outside of an enrollment window. 


2) We updated the SSN Tax Rate Calculations to reflect the current 2018 rates on the Consolidated Enrollment Form.

3) The Reports page has been updated to continue functioning as expected when a Division or Company has an apostrophe or ampersand in the name.

4) The Plan Enrollment Report was modified to include all Benefit Plan Types when “All Benefit Types” is selected.

5) Admins now have the ability to close/cancel a life event if the window has passed or the employee has not made any elections for by clicking the “Close” button on the bottom left of the event.


Further, bCEnroll recognizes the bC4 “Event Rule” configuration of “Event only allows coverage change or termination”.


6) Dependent Life plans reflect the employee and employer cost (if any) in the Employee History of the benefitsCONNECT system and the Internal Server Error when trying to waive the Dependent Life plans has been resolved.

7) For plans that have a Guaranteed Issue “Flat Amount” or “X Times Salary”, the lessor of the two shall be applied in bCEnroll as it is in bC4.

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