bCEnroll Release Notes | 2.8.2018

Posted on February 9, 2018

Sunrise, Sunset ... swiftly go the years! Maybe your employee's little boy at play has grown to be so tall he will be 26 years old before the coverage effective date, essentially making him not eligible for the plan. The system was allowing the enrollment and the expectation was to scrub the data prior to the effective date in order to remove those dependents that were not overage during enrollment, but would be once the coverage was effective. We have updated the system to take the age into consideration.

  • If the student settings are enabled, they will rule.

Student Status Yes


  • If there are no student settings enabled, only the ages entered for childrenwill rule even though the field says "Student Coverage Age Range".

Student Status No-1

All for one and all for love!

We Updated Mass Update!
If you didn't know by now, Mass Update is in a complicated relationship with the bC systems. It's on then it's off, it's yes than it's no, it's in then it's out... We sent Mass Update and bC to couples therapy and are happy to say their relationship has definitely improved. If Mass Update is "on" and you import a 500 to change divisions, categories, etc. that result in the employees losing eligibility, Mass Update will process those terminations for you and log them in the history.

Do you accept this rose logo?

You may have noticed when uploading a Company Logo that it appears to have been successful on the page, but not in the actual places where the logo is visible until you logout and log back in. Or maybe you never really noticed and that's ok. The page now automatically refreshes so you see the new uploaded logo immediately instead of having to wait until the next time you came back to the bCEnroll system.


We swatted these love-bugs!

Fixed: Instead of going from the Welcome page directly into their enrollment, the system now takes New Hires through the standard Personal Information and Dependent pages (and Emergency Contact if it is required).

Fixed: When the Maximum Coverage an employee was eligible for was equal to their Guaranteed Issue amount, they were receiving the Evidence of Insurability acknowledgement box, even though EOI was not required. Employees need not be confused any longer! When Maximum Coverage is equal to the GI they can just click "Select This" and move on without acknowledging any EOI.

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