ACAManager Release Notes | 2.21.2019

Posted on February 23, 2019

Today's ACAManager release notes explain several powerful updates designed to help you digest information quickly, minimize extra steps, and improve troubleshooting.

From new icons, to page overhauls, new buttons and new report names, we've made the necessary updates to help you manage ACA compliance with improved efficiency and increased productivity.

Keep reading to see what's new!

Locked and loaded!

We have added a quick and easy way to determine if your company is locked for E-Filing! If the company is locked, a lock icon is visible next to your company name (and newly added ACAManager Company ID). If the company is not locked, there will be no icon.


Employee Profile overhaul!

We have updated the Employee Profile page in an effort to improve troubleshooting when wondering “Why am I seeing these codes for this employee?"


The personal information remains visible at the top of the page, while the bottom half of the screen has been modified to minimize scrolling as much as possible. Each tab is meant to mimic the tabs on the “5-Tab Import” when and where applicable.

The biggest change was to the Eligibility tab. While there is more data on the screen, the goal is provide answers at a glance. One frequently asked question is “If the plan meets MEC/MVS, why does this person not have a Safe Harbor code?”

Answer: the plan may not actually be affordable for that particular employee according to the data in ACAManager.


New History button!

Now, the Employee Profile includes a new History button. 


This will take you over to the History page!

Likewise, if you began on the History page, now a new Profile button is visible to take you over to the Employee Profile.


The History page has also been updated if an employee’s data was entered into ACAManager using the 5-tab import. While the 5-tab import method should not be used to supplement or replace bC4 data, we understand it does happen.

The History page will now also reflect the latest data imported using the 5-tab import and appear quick similar to the Employee Profile. The difference is that the Employee Profile will tell you the whole story, while the History will only tell you the most recent update.


The Export Employee History button will download the data you seen on the screen as a 5-tab import ready for you to make the necessary modifications, save, and upload it again!

Changes to the Employee IRS Report List

Now that you’re ready to check your employee’s report again, you’ll notice some changes to the Employee IRS Report List. If an employee’s codes are locked, their edit button will be green. You can still click the green edit button and make further manual changes, but this is a quick way to tell which employees have been touched and which have not.


As soon as you unlock codes for an employee on the Lock/Unlock page, their Edit button will go back to blue.

We also updated the name of the PDF that will download for you when you click a Report button in ACAManager!

For the 1095 forms, you will now see the Employee’s Last name, first name, ACA ID, Division, DIvision ID, and Form type. While this may seem to be a lot of information, it was designed to mimic what is downloaded en masse, as well as to make it easier to have multiple PDFs open at a time while reviewing employee’s data.


For the 1094 forms, we will show you the Company Name, EIN, Division Name, Division ID, and form type (B or C).

Employer Report & E-file Page updates

We updated the Employer Report & E-File page so that the E-File Acknowledged Date will always show while the most recent status and date of each individual EIN will show beneath it.


If the occasion calls for it, we have added the ability to delete a dependent from an Employee’s form.

This can be done using the 5-tab import and the newly added “Delete Dependents” column.

  • 1 = Yes, please delete this dependent
  • 0 = No, please keep this dependent

The sample file on the Upload Employee Information page has been updated to reflect this change.


We have added a file search to the Codes Import page similar to that of the Employee Upload page.

Lastly, the Employee Status on the Lock/Unlock Employees page has been updated to reflect the most recent status.

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