ACAManager Release Notes | 1.8.2019

Posted on January 11, 2019

With the recent uncertainty surrounding the Affordable Care Act legislature, one thing's for certain: reporting with ACAManager keeps getting easier! This week we are excited to announce several updates and enhancements that provide the key to managing "locked" employees.

Updates and Enhancements

We have changed the way the employee locks work!

If you import codes for an employee or manually edit their form, those codes will be “locked” so no amount of refreshing will change them. If you find that perhaps you WOULD prefer to refresh the codes and use the codes ACAManager determined, you can now use the Lock/Unlock Employees page to remove the “manual” edit and the form will be updated the next time you click “Refresh Codes.”

Hot Tip! As we have said before, manual edits should be made after any merging of divisions is completed.


You have the ability to Lock or Unlock several employees at once or just a few, depending on your needs. There are no longer any other pages necessary to manage your locked employees.

We updated the 1095 PDFs to again include the Address 2 field.

We modified the “Dependents” tab of the newly available Codes Report to also include any employees that were covered on a Self-Insured plan and the tab has been renamed to “Covered Individuals”. The list also includes whether an employee’s codes are currently “locked” or not.


We also made an update so forms from previous years are available again.

To improve the review process of the Employer 1094-C forms, we have added an Excel Report that will provide a list of which employees are being considered in the totals showing on Part III of the 1094-C form.This report is available by EIN and can be accessed by clicking on the carrot in the "Download Report” button. The “Download Report” button will provide the PDF version of the 1094 form while the “Download Excel Report” will provide the list of employees being in Part III of the 1094-C form.


Each month will have its own tab. If there are employees listed as “Part-Time” that means they were not considered in the “Full Time” count, but likely were included in the Total Count.

benefitexpress ACA Reporting Deadlines:

  • 01/14/19: Authorize all forms have been reviewed and are ready for fulfillment
  • 01/31/19: E-File payment received
  • 02/08/19: No further form edits allowed


While ACA Codes did not change this year, please continue to review your employee forms and codes for accuracy.

Need help filling out the codes? Check out our handy ACA code cheat sheet for assistance!

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