ACAManager Release Notes | 9.13.18

Posted on September 11, 2018

We are pleased to announce the sunset of the nightly eligibility refresh! Instead, when the Refresh Eligibility button is clicked, the company goes into a queue and waits its turn for the refresh process to start.

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During the various steps of the process, a progress bar will show which step of the refresh process is on.

Because codes are refreshed automatically as the last step of the Refresh Eligibility process, the “Refresh Codes” button will be disabled during the Refresh Eligibility process. Once your Refresh Eligibility process reaches the final stage of refreshing codes, it will automatically initiate the new Codes Refresh progress bar.


This bar is also visible when you simply click the Refresh Codes button without refreshing eligibility.

It is important to note: It is possible that the refreshes happen so quickly that you will not see the progress bar reach 100%. You’ll know your refresh is complete if the Refresh button you clicked has returned.


We also removed the year drop-down selection from the Refresh Eligibility button in order to remove any confusion regarding the expectation of what was being refreshed.


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