ACAManager Release Notes | 4.10.2018

Posted on April 6, 2018

The benefitexpress ACAManager platform has rolled out a new feature that will save you waiting time! Also in this release, we will share with you our recent enhancement made to the Company Information page. Continue reading to learn more!

New Feature:

Instead of clicking “Refresh Eligibility” and waiting overnight to see an employee’s SSN update, we added another import to ACAManager. Now you can update an employee’s SSN directly in ACAManager using the new “SSN Change Upload” page. You can start by downloading the sample.


You first enter the SSN you would like to change (the “old” SSN) and in the next column you enter the corrected SSN. There are also columns for first and last names to help you keep everyone straight, but these columns are not required.


Please note: As with the hours upload, the “tab” for this import must be titled “Sheet1.”



As ACAManager continues to grow, the company ID in ACAManager may differ from that of bCEnroll/bC4. As such, we have updated the Company Information page to also include the ACAManager Company ID.


Bugs Fixed:

The Name Change upload was not updating the employee’s name in Part III of the 1095-C form. This has been updated so that the name is updated in both places on the 1095-C. As a reminder, the Name Change upload only changes the name on the PDF and at the top of the employee profile page; all other places in ACAManager will still reflect the employee’s “old” name.

The 1094 PDF was not reflecting any updates made to the Contact phone number. The updated number was visible when clicking the “Edit” button, but was not showing on the PDF.

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