ACAManager Release Notes | 12.18.2018

Posted on December 20, 2018

You already know that ACAManager reduces the complicated task of year-end reporting to a few simple clicks, but this year, we've made reviewing 2018 forms just as easy!

Keep reading to learn about new reports made more readily available, major changes to the Employer Report & E-File screen, and a reminder of both the IRS and benefitexpress e-filing deadlines.

Updates and Enhancements

Now that the 2018 forms are available in ACAManager, we have begun improving the best ways to review them!

On the Employee IRS Report List, we replaced the “Download” button with a “Codes Report” button.

Release Notes - ACAManager - 12-18-18 - Image 1

Not only will this new download provide a list of everyone found on the IRS Report List, but it will also show all of their codes, if they are in more than one EIN, and whether they had any dependents covered in Self-Insured Coverage.

Because this report is now so readily available, we modified the Import Codes page so that you can download your codes and use the same file to upload corrections for employees you know need updating.

Important Note: Before manually modifying codes, all divisions with matching EINs should be merged. Also, you should still only import codes for those employees whose data is too difficult to update. Importing codes will automatically lock an employee and override the ability for that employee’s codes to be changed using an Eligibility Refresh of 5-Tab import.

Once you have your employee forms squared away and are ready to begin reviewing the 1094 forms for E-Filing, you’ll notice so major changes to the Employer Report & E-File screen.

First, you’ll notice that the “Parent Company” button is gone, when it has, in fact, moved. What was previously seen as the “Parent Company” has now become the top company in your list of EINs to be E-Filed. If you still have not merged divisions, even though that should be one of the first things you do as part of your review process, then you will not be able to edit your Employer Forms.

Release Notes - ACAManager - 12-18-18 - Image 2

Once you have merged your divisions, you can begin reviewing by clicking the Edit button.

Instead of multiple tabs, you will only have to review one screen.

Hot Tip! Remember to review Part III for the MEC Yes/No Indicator!

Release Notes - ACAManager - 12-18-18 - Image 3

If your company has multiple EINs, you will have the option to decide which of those EINs should be included on Part IV of the 1094 you are currently editing. If the company shares common ownership, then they should still be shown on each other’s respective 1094 forms as they have in years passed.

Once you have finished your updates, you can click “Save” and move on to the next EIN, or “Save & Download” will show you a copy of your edited PDF. Once you have finished editing them all, you can use the “Download All” button to save your finished 1094 PDFs for your records.

If you realize you made a mistake when editing Part III and would like to restore the form to ACAManager Generated Data, you can click “Reset Monthly Information.”

Release Notes - ACAManager - 12-18-18 - Image 4

Once you have finished reviewing all of your 1094 forms and have confirmed which EINs you would like to E-File for, you can click the “Ready to E-File” button.

Release Notes - ACAManager - 12-18-18 - Image 5

Reminder: Once you 1) review and confirm the companies for which you will be E-Filing, 2) check the box, and 3) click the "Acknowledge" button, all of your EINs will be locked and unable to be edited.

benefitexpress ACA Reporting Deadlines:

  • 01/14/19: Authorize all forms have been reviewed and are ready for fulfillment
  • 01/31/19: E-File payment received
  • 02/08/19: No further form edits allowed


Please continue to review your employee forms and codes. The codes themselves did not change this year.

Need help filling out the codes? Check out our handy ACA code cheat sheet for assistance!

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