ACAManager Release Notes | 11.13.2018

Posted on November 14, 2018

Our ACAManager update this week helps save everyone's favorite commodity - TIME!

Keep reading to find out how an update to our importing rules allows Code Refreshes to happen with more speed - putting time back in your day to relax and recharge as we countdown to the ACA Reporting Season deadline!


When importing employees into ACAManager, the Code Refresh will now run for only those employees being imported. This means it will complete faster because it will not be refreshing the entire company every time an import is done.

The import will delete any previously existing employee status and associated dates. For example, if an employee was imported with an incorrect termination date, a new import will successfully remove the old date and replace it with the new date.

However, if ONLY a termination date is uploaded, the employee will be missing a date for when they were active and ACAManager will not be able to determine the appropriate codes for that employee. Both a new active and termination status should be imported. Full-Time Employees that terminated in January can expect to have a form generated.

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