ACAManager Release Notes | 10.18.2018

Posted on October 23, 2018

In this week's ACAManager Release Notes, we are excited to announce some big changes to our Merge Divisions feature!

If your company has divisions with differing EINs, but also more than one division has the same EIN, you will need to merge those divisions into one in order for your 1094 form to report the correct employee counts AND for your employee forms to reflect the correct company name and even correct codes.


As such, we have taken a lot of the legwork out of merging divisions and made it easier to correct the inevitable mistakes… because they do happen!

Keep reading to learn how to Merge a Division!

Here is how to Merge a Division:

1) Under the "Company Administration" tab, click "Merge Divisions".

2) Select the division into which the rest of the divisions should merge. Any other division that has the same EIN will automatically be selected for you. If you would like to include a division that has a different EIN, you will have to manually select it.

3) Enter the Legal Name of the company for that EIN.

4) Click the "Merge Divisions" button.

5) Confirm the divisions and company name and click “Yes” (or “No” if something is incorrect).

6) Once you have finished merging all of the necessary divisions, you will need to "Refresh Codes".


If you happen to realize that one of your divisions is in the wrong place or should never have been merged at all, you are now able to move or “un-merge” that division using the new “Update Merged Division” feature. 

Here is how to Update a Merged Division:

1) Under the "Company Administration" tab, click "Merge Divisions".

2) Click the “Update Merged Division” button.

3) Select which division you would like to move or un-merge.

4) If you would like to move it to a new division, select the new division from the drop down and click “Move”.

5) If you would like to un-merge it, select the same division from the drop down and click “Un-merge”.

6) As with merging, you will need to "Refresh Codes"



Important things regarding the updates to Merge Divisions:
  • It is now OK to Refresh Eligibility after merging divisions.
  • It is also OK to manually edit employee forms before or after merging divisions.
  • If you need to import codes or use the Upload Employee Information page, you should use the merged division ID.
  • At this time, you will not be able to merge divisions if any of your employees are locked. You will need to unlock all employees first.


Important Note: The IRS has not released the 2018 forms, code updates (if any), or due dates. Once those become available we will be working to ensure ACAManager is updated accordingly.

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