Established Partnerships With Providers

Established Partners

We understand the varied needs of our HR and benefit partners. benefitexpress is constantly working to establish partnerships with the best in class providers and making those services available to our clients.

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Fully Integrated Partner: Optum

Together, benefitexpress and Optum offer more complete and streamlined services to their clients. Optum uses benefitexpress as its enrollment service provider, offering benefitexpress’ full suite of benefit selection and enrollment technology to employers, along with the back-end administrative services and support employers need to make benefits easy to access and understand for their employees. benefitexpress refers its clients to industry leader Optum Bank® for Health Savings Account (HSA) services.

Summit HR & Payroll logo

Fully Integrated Partner: Summit HR & Payroll

benefitexpress is partnered with Summit to bring clients an integrated solution. Summit delivers reliable HR & Payroll Services by fostering relationships between clients and an empowered team of employees. Summit's goal is to deliver, through the efforts of a highly dedicated, educated, and productive work force, the most reliable, responsive, flexible, and cost-effective services possible.

Other Valued Partners Include:

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