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As an experienced HR professional, you most likely have a yearly communication plan regarding employee open enrollment communication. From postcards sent in the mail, to educational webinars, contact centers or in-person office hours, there are many ways to inform employees of the enrollment process. But if you are like most of our clients, the foundation of your open enrollment communication is almost always email. 

When it comes to receiving open enrollment emails from Human Resources leaders, employees want their questions answered loud and clear. As much as you may feel your email communication is complete, questions will always arise. So how do you combat this? And how can you make easy improvements to simplify the communication process?

Let's look at a few ways you can take your open enrollment communication to the next level.

Open Enrollment Email Sample

Open enrollment email communication made easy 

Although 'calm' may not be the four-letter-word that comes to mind during this time of year, there are ways to alleviate the stresses of Open Enrollment—starting with using our Open Enrollment Email Templates! 

Communication is key to a successful Open Enrollment process. Not only will proper communication keep employees informed and up-to-date, it will also be an opportunity to encourage participation and highlight your company's unique benefits offerings.

Our Open Enrollment email sample templates are designed to help employers communicate with ease, and are sure to help you achieve the successful (and calmer) Open Enrollment season you've been working towards. 

Like what you see? Download our open enrollment email sample templates to re-vamp your OE communication strategy.


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