Online Benefit Enrollment and Administration

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Benefit Administration That Puts People First

We provide a one-stop hub for employees to enroll, learn, and access their benefits. Our benefits know-how and technology expertise transforms complex benefits into an easy employee enrollment process. New hires, family status changes, and communication are all integrated into one system that’s built with experience from thousands of clients of all sizes and industries.

The Next Generation in Benefits Technology

The next generation of My Benefit ExpressTM is here. It’s everything your benefit administration should be – intuitive, analytical, powerful and easy on the eyes. Harnessing new technologies, client focus groups and the ingenuity of our resident benefit experts, we took everything that we knew and made it better in almost every single way.

MBE devices

My Benefit ExpressTM

My Benefit ExpressTM (MBE) is built for employers of all sizes. MBE is the go-to benefit solution with integration across the entire benefit chain - enrollment, payroll and carrier files, life event management, reporting, and direct billing, all wrapped up in a cloud-based suite of branded SaaS solutions.

MBE streamlines enrollment so everyone can centrally manage all of their benefit information - any time, any device. The easily customizable benefit hub can be updated with your corporate branding requirements (e.g. company colors, logo, images, etc.), as well as be displayed in multiple languages to aid in communication to diverse populations.

MBE Mobile

My Benefit ExpressTM Mobile

Easily view all benefit plans with the touch of a button. Review coverage and vendor contacts, text for an FSA balance, and view our library of videos from your phone! Available on iPhone and Android.

bCEnroll tablet

benefitsCONNECT® Broker Solution

Brokers can offer and deliver exceptional benefit and compliance services. benefitsCONNECT® is an easy to manage technology and support service to ease clients’ burdens and allow brokers the opportunity to solve the growing complexity of benefit administration.

benefitsCONNECT® is a comprehensive online software solution that helps brokers prospect for new business, manage an existing book of business, and provide online employee-self-service to employer groups. benefitsCONNECT® connects brokers, HR administrators, employees, carriers, and other third parties who participate in the benefit enrollment and benefit administration process.

Delivery Options

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SaaS Supported

Looking for benefit administration technology? Let's keep it simple. You set it up. We'll do the administration.

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You use our technology AND receive our benefit wisdom! We'll work together to ensure a smooth benefit administration & enrollment experience.

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Full Service

The whole kit and caboodle! This is our all-inclusive option, including: technology, our benefit wise project management & support, and Customer Care Center.

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