BeneFITwise Intelligence Guide

Choose Health Plans with Confidence

Integrated, Intelligent Decision Support

Amplify the employee enrollment experience with personalized decision support. The BeneFITwise Integrated Intelligence Guide is a feature of My Benefit ExpressTM which applies nationwide data and provides an objective ranking of available plans - granting employees the power to choose with confidence.

BeneFITwise Plan Ranking

Scored Benefit Plans

For employees, simplicity is key. Personalized inputs are paired with public and proprietary data to arrive at a scored and ranked recommendation.

The recommendations evaluate several key sources, such as risk protection and provider networks, that employees would miss if they picked plans based on cost alone.

BeneFITwise Scenarios

Thoughtful Choices

Employees are prompted to answer a few scenarios to get them thinking about how different plans would accommodate their needs.

  • Improve comprehension of benefit plan behavior
  • Engaged decision-making
  • Fewer underinsured employees
BeneFITwise Medications, Doctors, and Hospitals

Set Preferences

Employees set preferred doctors and hospitals - as well as input their medication - to see which plans meet their specified needs.

  • Search from a nationwide database of doctors, hospitals, and medications
  • Preferences are reflected in the score breakdown
  • Decisions backed with the confidence of total coverage

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