Transitioning to a New Benefits Administration Platform

Are you running into limitations with your current benefits administration platform and partner?

Perhaps the solution is inflexible and customization means hurdles, tickets or worse.

Maybe you've found that the user experience is cumbersome and the ability to integrate benefits technology with other HR systems is not there. Does it lack employee education features such as decision support functionality to help your employees make informed benefits decisions? Or, more importantly — is the client service and human reliability team adding work to your plate — instead of removing it?

Chances are, if you are experiencing any of the above — or worse! — you've thought about switching to a new solution...but may be hesitant to dive in because you fear it could be a lengthy, costly or difficult project.

It’s natural to have concerns about making a big change, particularly if you haven’t done so lately — or ever. But just as benefits administration platforms have significantly advanced in user-friendliness, so too has the industry’s capacity to facilitate a smooth migration from one platform to another.

Download this e-book to learn how changing benefits administration platforms is as easy as:

  • Analyzing your current and future benefits administration platform needs
  • Surveying the market for solutions
  • Executing a vendor selection and system implementation process to migrate with ease

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