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When it comes to the promotion of consumer-driven healthcare with FSAs -or- custom, diligent COBRA administration, you can count on us.

Cluttered with COBRA? Flustered by FSA? We've got you covered.

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When severance agreements, insurance data, and carrier issues strike. Strike back, and let us do your heavy lifting.

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Flexible Spending Accounts

Modernize your FSAs with convenience. Mobile access, single sign-on, and a service center that's there when you need it.

- ROI on FSA -

benefitexpress clients see their flex participation increase by 10%, on average, from previous vendors. We maximize the return on investment to clients through customized plan design, discrimination testing, and proactive outreach to participants.

30 million
In the first part of 2017 alone, we have reimbursed over $30 million in FSA dollars.

No Implementation Fee for Existing Clients.

Yep. That's right.

Reasons to Bundle

We both want simplicity. Let's make it happen.

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One Vendor

When you bundle COBRA/FSA with the service we already provide, that's one less vendor to manage on your end.

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Peace of Mind PHI

With files passing through less hands, you can feel better about the risks associated with managing Protected Health Information (PHI).

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One-Stop FSA

Provide a seamless Flexible Spending Account experience complete with single sign-on -- making your portal the only stop.

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Climb out of COBRA Admin

With our efficient processing and strict compliance standards, you can have confidence in our custom COBRA administration services. Whether it's severance agreements, insurance data, coverage, carrier issues, mailings, or custom reporting -- we do all your heavy lifting. Join more than 50% of our clients that already utilize our COBRA service.

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Flex the Savings in Your FSA

With online & mobile access to accounts, we provide valuable promotion of consumer-driven healthcare and convenient FSA disbursements. Employees can receive their balance or request a password change with a text message -- and if they need help, we also have real people ready to help in our Customer Care Center. Join more than 65% of our clients that already utilize our FSA service.

Want to Make It Happen?

Clients can be implemented within 60 days or less.

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