How much do your services cost and how will my company save time and money by implementing your services?

We create flexible pricing models geared to meet your budget, including the ability to spread out implementation costs and pay for the application on a subscription basis. Prices are based on the scope of each specific project and the number of your employees. A 2009 Forrester HR Survey reported compelling savings for the companies surveyed. Results showed an average 50% reduction in cycle time, an average 60% reduction in transaction costs, and 100% return on investment in a year. Your company's specific savings will depend on the components you choose and your existing systems. If you would like more information on costs or your unique Return on Investment, please click here.

I have specific needs and business rules, do I have to choose the whole suite of components?

benefitexpress knows there is no "one size fits all" solution. Every company has its own special circumstances and our services are customized to fit your business. Choose only the services that best fit your needs and save money by utilizing only those that best benefit your organization. You can start with a minimal configuration and expand as your company's requirements grow.

I'm concerned about security. What precautions does benefitexpress take to protect the information of its clients? Is benefitexpress HIPAA compliant?

System security is handled at multiple levels. First, a user must have a LAN ID to access the server. Passwords are set by the user, are encrypted, and must be modified every 30 days. Once attached to the server, the operating system is used to limit access by software application, job function and client directory. Beyond that, most of our systems have their own internal security systems that limit access by user down to the record level and, in some cases, the field level.

Our online system requires a User ID and password. We strongly recommend the use of PINs and passwords to ensure confidentiality of data.

Our core administration system, My Benefit ExpressTM, includes comprehensive security that controls access by function, organization and category of data. This security is configured uniquely for each user.

Entry to our buildings is controlled via pin and key access. Our computer room has additional access restrictions. All of our production systems reside in our data center, within a secure environment.

Each employee is HIPAA certified each year and we are SAS 70 and SOC I Type II Certified.

Do I need special software or skills to implement My Benefit ExpressTM?

All that is needed is a web browser and internet access. Additionally, management has the ability to access employee accounts so that elections can be made on their behalf, directly in My Benefit ExpressTM. Clients utilizing our Customer Care Center will have access to a toll free number where employees can speak to a Customer Care Center Representative directly and make all elections and changes over the phone.

How long does it take to implement My Benefit ExpressTM and what additional training is needed?

Our product has been designed for rapid and cost-effective implementation. Our main goal is to make your implementation simple and effective, delivering our product and its functionality to your employees as fast as possible. Generally, implementation time (including analysis through deployment) is between six and twelve weeks. This implementation time frame includes thorough training to all users who will have greater than simple employee access to our site. Generally, employees do not need training, as the system is so user friendly. However, benefitexpress offers a Customer Care Center support line for employees who may need site navigation assistance.

Will benefitexpress' applications integrate with my ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications and how is My Benefit ExpressTM different from a traditional ERP or HRMS application?

Our application currently interfaces with many popular ERP/HRMS (Enterprise Resource Planning/Human Resource Management System) systems. Our technical professionals will ensure seamless integration, regardless of your brand of ERP/HRMS application or back-end office systems. My Benefit ExpressTM offers much of the same functionality available in traditional ERP/HRMS systems with the added advantage of being web-based and designed to be more user friendly for employee use.