Benefits administration for educational institutions

Join the hundreds of schools, colleges and universities using benefitexpress to make complicated plans simple to administer. We provide employees with an educational, well-designed benefits enrollment experience, and human resources staff with the peace of mind knowing their employee's benefits are handled correctly — each time, every time.

Solutions include

  • The must-haves
    Cloud-based benefits administration, online enrollment software, payroll carrier integration, and EDI.
  • HR tools
    Business intelligence (BI), analytics, reporting, and full-service Customer Care Center.
  • Informed decisions
    BeneFITwise integrated decision support tool.
  • Compliance management
    ACA e-filing and reporting.
  • Employee engagement
    Education, communication and employee accessible sites
  • Integrated services
    HSA, FSA, COBRA, dependent audits, claims reimbursement, and premium billing administration.
  • Healthy workforce
    Configured to offer voluntary benefits and wellness management.
benefits administration and enrollment software for universities

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