Maximize Your Health Dollars

If you don't conduct a regular dependent verification audit, you likely cover 3-5% more people than you should. When employers perform a dependent eligibility audit with benefitexpress, they typically see a $3,000-$5000 cost savings per plan member, per year. A well managed dependent audit gives you a blank slate for a more efficient system going forward.

Calculate Your ROI with a Dependent Verification Audit

As you assess your health costs after open enrollment, the most significant is the cost of ineligible dependents. A dependent eligibility audit will maximize your health dollars, so you can invest in the health and wellness of your workforce. Estimate your savings with our free calculator!



Dependent Audit Services Include:

  • Tailored audits meet specific audit objectives, including whether to use an amnesty period and how to handle non-responders.
  • A customizable website makes it easy to inform employees of requirements and track progress.
  • Validation of required documents needed for dependent verification for health insurance, including marriage licenses, birth certificates, and full-time student affidavits.
  • Application of spouse eligibility rules for
    employed spouses.
  • Preparation of dependent eligibility verification site and signature form for employee completion.





  • The Customer Care Center supports questions and educates employees about the audit & eligibility requirements.
  • Electronic eligibility auditing verifies coverage is terminated correctly with the carrier.
  • A documentation management process includes retention during the audit and options to destroy, digitize, or return documents.
  • Customized reports facilitate termination of ineligible claimants.

Our Clients and Partners

"The administration packet benefitexpress provided our company exceeded our expectations. It was the first time we could really use communication material provided by a vendor with minor customization."

V.P. of HR

"The support I received from the benefitexpress team and particularly our account manager exceeded my expectations. During the enrollment process, benefitexpress was very flexible and quick to respond whenever we needed them."

Director of HR

"We consider our transition to benefitexpress to be a great success. We look forward to a wonderful partnership for many years"

Director Compensation, Benefits and HRIS

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