Are you covering dependents
you shouldn’t?

If you rely on the honor system for your health plan enrollment, odds are you’re picking up the tab for ex-spouses, adult children and others who shouldn’t be covered.

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A well-designed dependent verification process can do more than just save your organization money. It can improve compliance, reduce stop-loss exposure, minimize litigation risks and, most importantly, free up your team’s time and budget to focus on crafting impactful benefits programs for your employees.

Make sure you’re only paying for dependents you need to.

We start with a full, one-time audit of your entire population, weeding out dependents who are no longer eligible for benefits. Once we’ve done that, we set up ongoing processes that continuously verify new dependents added through hiring and other life events.

This ongoing verification is integrated with our enrollment system, making it simple for employees to upload documents like proof of eligibility through their benefits portal, as well as get help from the same support team they use for other benefitexpress services.

Automated verification.

Dependent eligibility checks are fully integrated with our My Benefit Express™ system, automatically prompting employees to answer any questions and upload any documents they need whenever they add a dependent.


Easy uploads.

Employees can save verification documents to the system from a computer or take a picture and upload it from their mobile device. Documents can also be emailed to our team.


Ongoing validation.

We double check all documents, making sure names and birth dates align with our data, and we make it simple for employees to finish enrollment while our verification is pending so they don’t have to waste time re-entering data later


Automated communication.

Reminders and notices about status changes are automatically generated and sent by our system, making sure employees are up-to-date on their dependents’ eligibility.


Dependent eligibility audit services include:

be-icon-color Comprehensive Planning

We tailor our verification process to meet all employer objectives, including whether to use an amnesty period and how to handle non-responders.

be-icon-color Easy-to-Use Website

Our customizable portal makes it simple to inform employees of requirements and track verification progress.

be-icon-color Form Management

We prepare all eligibility verification site and signature forms for employee completion.

be-icon-color Ongoing Validation

We verify all required documents, including marriage licenses, birth certificates and domestic partner affidavits.

be-icon-color Spousal Eligibility We automatically apply spousal eligibility rules to verify and onboard employee spouses.  
be-icon-color Call Center Support Our team is on call to support employee education about audits and the plan's eligibility requirements.  
be-icon-color Documentation Management

We take care of all necessary documents, with the option to destroy, digitize or return any documentation we generate or use.

be-icon-color Custom Reports We can set up unique internal reports to facilitate termination of ineligible claimants.  
be-icon-color Termination

We use electronic eligibility auditing to verify coverage is correctly terminated when a dependent is no longer eligible.


Stop paying for ineligible dependents.

Most companies have a lot more ineligible dependents on their benefits plans than they realize, tying up money and time that could be used on active employees. Read on to see how much extra you might be spending and what you could save with an audit and ongoing verification from benefitexpress.

5% how many more people you might be covering without regular dependent audits.
100% Our Dependent Eligibility Audits result in an average ROI of 100% in the first year alone.
$3.5k how much you could save per plan member per year after an audit.

Support your employees, not ineligible dependents.

Offering coverage for employee dependents is good for you and your workforce, but it's easy to wind up paying more than you should for ineligible dependents.

Audits help maximize your health dollars.

 You could see up to a 15% reduction in coverage with a benefitexpress audit.

Administration support makes it easy.

We work to keep your data clean, ensuring all dependents meet eligibility requirements.


Are you ready to stop covering ineligible dependents?

If you think that an eligibility audit and ongoing verification can help your organization save on dependent healthcare costs, get in touch or download our product sheet to learn more.

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