Dependent eligibility audit

If you don't conduct a regular dependent verification audit, you likely cover 3-5% more people than you should. When employers perform a dependent eligibility audit with benefitexpress, they typically see a $3,000-$5,000 cost savings per plan member, per year. A well managed dependent audit gives you a blank slate for a more efficient system going forward.



Dependent verification services include

Dependent verification services include:

  • Tailored audits
    Meet specific audit objectives, including whether to use an amnesty period and how to handle non-responders.
  • A customizable website
    Makes it easy to inform employees of requirements and track progress.
  • Validation of required documents
    Including marriage licenses, birth certificates, and full-time student affidavits.
  • Application of spouse eligibility rules
    For employed spouses.
  • Preparation of dependent eligibility verification site
    Including signature form for employee completion.
  • Customer Care Center
    Support questions and educate employees about the audit and eligibility requirements with our benefit-wise call center staff.
  • Electronic eligibility auditing
    Verify coverage is terminated correctly with the carrier.
  • Documentation management process
    Including retention during the audit and options to destroy, digitize, or return documents.
  • Customized reports
    Help facilitate termination of ineligible claimants.
  • Multiple methods to communicate
    Including inbound and outbound call center with IVR capability, and a multi-mailing letter campaign.