Dependent Audits

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Employers have generally relied on the honor system for health plan enrollment. This often results in covering non-eligible dependents, and translates directly into higher expenses. A benefitexpress dependent audit has proven to deliver significant cost savings. Large plans can expect a 5% to 10% reduction in the number of covered individuals after a dependent eligibility audit. This translates into an expense reduction of up to $3,000 per plan member per year.

  • Tailored audits meet specific audit objectives, including whether to use an amnesty period and how to handle non-responders.
  • A customizable website makes it easy to inform employees of requirements and track progress.
  • Validation of required documents, including marriage licenses, birth certificates, and full-time student affidavits.
  • Application of spouse eligibility rules for employed spouses.
  • Preparation of eligibility verification site and signature form for employee completion
  • The Customer Care Center supports questions and educates employees about the audit & eligibility requirements.
  • Electronic eligibility auditing verifies coverage is terminated correctly with the carrier.
  • A documentation management process includes retention during the audit and options to destroy, digitize, or return documents.
  • Customized reports facilitate termination of ineligible claimants.

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