COBRA & Direct Bill Services

COBRA, Leave of Absence, & Retiree Administration

An Extensive Range of Direct Billing Options

We provide COBRA & severance administration, retiree administration, and leave of absence administration services. Our clients rely on our experience and expertise in billing for company-sponsored benefits and collection of premiums from participants who are no longer actively at work.

COBRA Administration Services

Our services provide clients with administration that meets all COBRA regulatory requirements. In addition, we are able to provide customized severance administration services. Services include:

  • Meeting all compliance and legislative requirements, including auditing the population for ineligible participants.
  • Automatic handling of all severance agreements.
  • Sending data to health and prescription drug insurance companies.
  • Cancelling coverage if payment is not received on time, as well as at the COBRA expiration date.
  • Producing insurance conversion letters and forms for the participant to submit directly to the insurance company.
  • Resolving carrier issues on behalf of participants and send enrollment forms when appropriate.
  • Access to pre-designed reports and to create custom reports with an easy report tool.

Leave of Absence Administration

  • Our administrative system integrates with the organization's HR platform to easily store and access all LOA materials online.
  • Tracking leave requests, current leaves of absence, and expected return dates.
  • Monitoring all payments received and cancelling coverage if payment is not received on time, as well as at the expiration date.
  • Returning all collected premiums to the employer in a timely manner.
  • Auditing the population for individuals who become ineligible for continuation of coverage.

Retiree Administration

benefitexpress provides health and welfare administration services for retirees who continue to participate in benefit plans. We can manage the retiree eligibility, election, and billing data. Services include:

  • Customer Care Center that provides support for all retiree insurance inquiries and resolution of billing issues if they arise.
  • Online access for retirees to access their account from anywhere.
  • Retiree benefit enrollments and election processing.
  • Monitoring all payments received, along with following up on late payment submissions and reconciliation of billing.
  • Carrier notifications of elections and terminations.
  • Access to pre-designed reports and to create custom reports with an easy report tool.

Delivery Options

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