Spend your time focusing on active employees. Let us handle the rest.

Continuing coverage for employees who aren’t active in your organization is important, but it can take time and energy away from those who are there. With benefitexpress, you can focus your attention where it matters most.

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It’s hard enough managing benefits for your employees without worrying about those who have retired, taken a leave of absence or left the company. We’ve been providing COBRA and direct bill services since our very first day in 2001, and we use the latest technology to help you minimize the time you need to spend managing the benefits of employees who are not actively working with the organization.

COBRA administration.

Our team of COBRA experts, project managers and client service analysts tackle the administrative minutia so you can spend time on benefits strategies for your active population. Once eligibility files are in the system, we handle all communications and payments based on your needs with a simple 4-step process:


benefitexpress sends participants the initial COBRA offer with all documents and forms to get started.


We log the receipt of enrollment forms and notify inactive participants of monthly premiums and due dates.

Set up payment

Participants are asked to select their payment preference (ACH, credit or debit card or check).


We monitor all payments, send late notices and take care of necessary paperwork.

Direct bill administration.

Employees who are on a leave of absence or retirees who have joined an employer’s retiree health plan present special problems for benefits administration, especially since premiums can’t be deducted from paychecks. Our direct billing services make it simple for you to keep administering benefits for past and present employees who aren’t currently on payroll. Here’s how it works:

Set up Our system identifies and calculates premium amounts to be direct billed.
Issue coupons We issue direct bill coupons to employees for them to pay premiums while they are inactive.
Switch over We integrate our system with client demographic census files to ensure employees are switched between payroll deductions and direct billing as needed.
Track & Reconcile We track all payments, send follow ups and reconcile premium information to keep direct billing running smoothly year round.

Let us help you save on COBRA claims.

If your organization has had to lay off employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be looking for ways to reduce the burden of COBRA claims costs.

We can help. Through our partnership with GoHealth, we make it easy for employees and former employees to explore their options in federal and state marketplaces, potentially giving them access to plans that can save a lot of money — for them and for you.


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COBRA Premiums



Individual Marketplace Premiums



COBRA & direct bill administration advantages:

be-icon-color Year-Round Compliance We meet all COBRA and direct bill requirements, including auditing the population for ineligible participants.  
be-icon-color Intelligent Technology Our system effortlessly identifies relevant data such as dependent age-outs and loss of coverage events for COBRA eligible employees.  
be-icon-color Online Access

Your inactive population can access their account from anywhere through the online portal or the mobile app.

be-icon-color Coverage & Premium Management We monitor all payments received and cancel coverage if payment is not received on time.  
be-icon-color Carrier Communication We resolve carrier issues on behalf of participants and send enrollment forms when appropriate.  
be-icon-color Simple Reporting You can access pre-designed reports and create custom ones with our easy reporting tool.  
be-icon-color Payment Management Your inactive population can make payments to us by check, ACH, debit or credit card.  
be-icon-color Full Customer Support

Our call center is ready to help inactive employees with any issues over phone, email or live chat.

be-icon-color Alternative COBRA Options Our partnership with GoHealth, makes it easy for active and former employees to explore options in federal and state marketplaces.  

Are you ready to take COBRA and direct billing off your plate?

If you think your organization could benefit from letting benefitexpress take care of all your COBRA and direct bill needs, download our product sheet or get in touch today. We’re ready to help.

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