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Brokers turn to benefitexpress for our experience, commitment, and relationship driven style. Our benefitsCONNECT solutions and products allow brokers to deliver exceptional benefits and compliance services for companies of any size. benefitsCONNECT is an easy to manage technology and support service that eases clients’ burdens and allows brokers to be of greater service in solving the growing complexity of benefit administration.

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The Importance of Every Interaction

Benefit administration is dependent on a complex chain of feeds, files, technology, and communication that impacts people's lives every day. We embrace our accountability and the importance of every link on that chain. Our success is directly tied to each interaction and the enablement of the entire benefit community.

In-Person and Web-Based Training

For brokers who leverage technology, we’re behind you every step of the way.

Our interactive training is available to firms that want to take the lead on implementation and ongoing support for their clients.

Choose from:

  • Live course
  • Web series
  • Personalized training right in your office

Delivery Options

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SaaS Supported

Looking for benefit administration technology? Let's keep it simple. You set it up. We'll do the administration.

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You use our technology AND receive our benefit wisdom! We'll work together to ensure a smooth benefit administration & enrollment experience.

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Full Service

The whole kit and caboodle! This is our all-inclusive option, including: technology, our benefit wise project management & support, and Customer Care Center.

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