Health and Wellness Blogs You Need to Read Now

Written by Claire Collins | June 6, 2019
Whether you're looking for strategies to elevate your existing health and wellness program goals or have questions about ACA regulations - these 5 must read health and wellness are bound to help.

How (and why) to Make Mental Health in the Workplace a Priority

Written by Lauren Fischer | May 3, 2019
Did you know nearly 20% of Americans struggle with mental health issues? It's time to make mental health in the workplace a priority and support your employees' overall well-being.

How to Administer Wellness Programs in Today's Regulatory Environment

Written by Allison Loehman | March 14, 2019
Watch our 1-hour webinar on-demand to learn how to administer wellness programs in 2019 . This webinar explores what rules remain after the EEOC’s regulations were found invalid and provide guidance on what rules have to be met to offer a valid wellness program.

[Infographic] Next Steps for 2019 Wellness Program Planning

Written by Julia Goebel | October 7, 2018
Federal court actions have called to question federal regulations related to requirements for wellness programs that ask participants questions about their health or require medical exams. See our infographic.

Build on Existing Admin Programs to Renew and Refocus Your Well-Being Plans

Written by DHS Group | March 15, 2018
DHS Group shares how to implement a full-circle program of population health analytics, well-being and engagement by utilizing existing ben admin programs.

EEOC Heads Back to the Drawing Board

Written by benefitexpress | September 14, 2017
Read about the reasoning behind why the EEOC and wellness programs have to re-address the 30% incentive limit on health insurance.

2016 Developments in HRA Administration: Reviewing IRS Guidance

Written by benefitexpress | July 1, 2017
In this 2016 webinar, benefitexpress covers IRS guidance in HRA administration and when HRAs are free standing, what requirements must be met to be integrated with HRA reimbursed Medicare premiums.

Webinar | Wellness Workout: Cardio for Your Compliance Review

Written by benefitexpress | June 20, 2017
Review how to structure a Wellness plan or reform your existing program to optimize employee engagement and regulatory compliance with our wellness plan compliance webinar.

2018 HSA Contribution & Coverage Limits Announced

Written by benefitexpress | May 9, 2017
The IRS has recently issued Revenue Procedure 2017-37, which provides the 2018 cost of living contribution and coverage adjustments. We cover the 2018 HSA contribution & coverage limits.

Webinar | Benefits Strength Test: Flexing the FSA

Written by benefitexpress | March 7, 2017
Key Topics in our Flex Spending Accounts Webinar: Accurately catch election changes | Manage rollover requirements | Determine who pays first – HRA vs FSA | Understand COBRA’s impact on an FSA.