Verify Eligibility, Reduce Risk: A Dependent Audit Case Study

Written by Allison Loehman | March 4, 2019
View our dependent audit case study infographic to see how a major healthcare organization used the benefitexpress dependent eligibility verification process to reduce covered dependents by 3%, resulting in a cost savings of $2,000 per plan member per year, and a $674,00 annual savings.

How to Strengthen the Employee Benefits Experience to Differentiate Your Company in a Competitive Labor Market [Part 4]

Written by Allison Loehman | November 21, 2018
Keep reading to learn how to create and execute an employee benefits education strategy that differntiates your company in a competitive labor market.

Getting the Most Out of Your Dependent Eligibility Audit

Written by benefitexpress | January 16, 2017
Read about the benefits to conducting and maximizing dependent eligibility audit verification as well as how it can lead to significant cost savings.

3 Ways Dependent Verification Will Save Your Company Money

Written by benefitexpress | May 23, 2016
Learn three ways dependent eligibility verification audits will save your company significant money and things to avoid that lead to ineligible covered dependents.