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Webinar | [Medi]Caring About Delayed Retirement: A Closer Look at Medicare Strategy

Written by benefitexpress | November 23, 2017

With questions about millennials dominating our conversations about benefits, it’s easy to forget that the work force is growing from both ends. Baby boomers are delaying retirement while millennials (and even Gen Z) start their careers. As boomers become Medicare eligible, many remain on their employer’s coverage, whether or not that’s the best choice for them.


Webinar | Open Forum: Achieve Compliance Success in 2017

Written by benefitexpress | March 21, 2017

As you begin next year’s benefits planning, are you sure your plan satisfies all requirements from the IRS, HHS, DOL, and more?


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Webinar | Intertwined Guidelines: Untangling Your Enrollment Notice Requirement

Written by benefitexpress | December 28, 2016

The DOL, PPACA, ERISA, COBRA, and HIPAA all have separate guidelines for the ACA marketplace notice for initial and open benefit enrollment. Untangle the requirements for your own notice and learn best practices for including the notice seamlessly in your benefits strategy.


How Medicare Eligibility and COBRA Coverage Interact

Written by benefitexpress | October 19, 2016

Medicare eligibility can extend, shorten, or not affect COBRA coverage, and puzzling out which case applies is complicated. Acting incorrectly is costly to participants, and while you are no longer covering their premium, the administrative fees add up.


Issues with COBRA Administration & How to Fix Them

Written by benefitexpress | April 6, 2016

This webinar reviews the issues and problems with COBRA administration. The discussion includes eligibility payment notice requirement and Medicare.


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Administering Health & Welfare Plans: Common Compliance Questions

Written by benefitexpress | March 15, 2016

This presentation reviews common questions regarding all aspects of administrating welfare plans. The discussion includes topics such as: COBRA | Medicare | Health FSAs | HRAs | ERISA.


Medicare for Employers 101

Written by benefitexpress | November 5, 2015

This presentation covers how Medicare affects employer health coverage in: Providing opt out amounts | Paying for Medicare for active employees | Electing COBRA.


Need to Know Issues with Flexible Spending Accounts

Written by benefitexpress | August 25, 2015

This presentation reviews: Allowable election changes | Carryover requirements | COBRA issues | HRAs and FSAs - how do they interact?


Top 10 Annual Enrollment Pitfalls

Written by benefitexpress | July 20, 2015

A list describing the top 10 Annual Enrollment pitfalls you want to avoid.


[Infographic] Everything You Need to Know About COBRA

Written by benefitexpress | September 6, 2014

In this infographic you will learn everything about COBRA from what is it to which benefits must be provided in COBRA coverage?