Choosing a Benefits Administration Platform Partner

Written by Lauren Fischer | April 23, 2019
Switching benefits administration providers? With an increasing number of benefits platforms to choose from and the unpredictability of healthcare, choosing the right benefits administration platform partner is more important than ever. Follow these tips and strategies for success.

3 Tips for Switching Benefits Administration Providers

Written by Lauren Fischer | April 5, 2019
Questioning whether your benefits administration platform is living up to your company’s needs? You're not alone. Before diving in head first to the vendor selection process, follow these tips for switching benefits administration providers.

Put your Benefits Offerings to Work to Improve Employee (and Patient) Satisfaction

Written by Lauren Fischer | March 29, 2019
Healthcare employers - did you know satisfied employees translate into satisfied patients? Research shows healthcare benefits are the most important benefits to employees, and making the most of your benefits offerings is the key to improved employee engagement and, ultimately, satisfied patients.

Is it Time to Break-Up with Your Ben Admin Provider?

Written by Melissa Wood | February 14, 2019
Is it time to break up with your benefits administration provider? You deserve a ben admin partner who will work overtime for you and value the relationship. Keep reading to reveal your relationship results.

Improving your New Hire Welcoming Procedures: The Pre-Hire Experience

Written by Julia Goebel | February 4, 2019
When new hires join your organization, are you following through on the promises made during the hiring process? Welcoming new employees to your organization allows for more opportunities! Read our series to learn about improving your new hire onboarding procedures.

Improving your New Hire Welcoming and Onboarding Procedures

Written by Julia Goebel | January 27, 2019
When new hires join your organization, are you following through on the promises made during the hiring process? Read our series to learn about improving new hire onboarding procedures and welcoming your new employees.

Best of the Blog, 2018 Edition

Written by benefitexpress | December 30, 2018
This is a roundup list of the top blogs of benefitexpress in 2018. Written with HR and benefits leaders in mind, and featuring special content for insurance brokers and consultants, this is a list of the blogs that received the most traffic and information in 2018.

Why Benefits Administration Outsourcing Is the New Norm

Written by benefitexpress | August 20, 2018
For HR professionals and advisers alike, finding the best way to provide employees with the smoothest, easiest benefit experience is a goal that can often be difficult to accomplish. Find out more about how benefits administration outsourcing can enhance your company.

How Can Benefits Administration Help with Wellness?

Written by benefitexpress | August 13, 2015
Benefits administration and wellness management can aid in the management of your health and wellness plans. Learn more about the important components of benefits administration and wellness management plans in our video with our VP of Client Engagement and Director of Shared Services.