ACA Reporting Changes for 2019 | Legislative Update

Written by Julia Goebel | January 5, 2019
In this blog post by benefits outsourcing firm benefitexpress, the author Julia Goebel describes the developments in the recent 2019 federal affordable care act (ACA) appeal ruling deeming the law unconstitutional.

[Infographic] 2019 ACA Reporting Deadlines for the 2018 ACA Reporting Year

Written by Julia Goebel | December 16, 2018
Use our handy infographic to mark key 2019 IRS filing dates for the 2018 ACA reporting year. Concerned about ACA compliance? Let benefitexpress help you manage your 2019 ACA reporting deadlines.

3 Ways the GOP Tax Bill Impacts Employee Benefits

Written by Rick Bakewell | January 8, 2018
In December 2017, the 500+ page GOP tax bill, formerly titled The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into effect. There will be three key ways GOP Tax Bill will affect employee benefits in 2018.

Webinar | Determining Full Time Status for ACA

Written by benefitexpress | December 7, 2017
This benefitexpress webinar covers: the rules in how to determine full time status for ACA, large employer status, measurement periods, the effect on reporting, and more.

Legislative Update | Trump's ACA Executive Order

Written by benefitexpress | October 16, 2017
On October 12, Trump signed an Executive Order to begin dismantling the Affordable Care Act. Here's what it means for employers.

IRS Releases Updated ACA Reporting Forms

Written by benefitexpress | October 6, 2017
The IRS has released their 2017 ACA Reporting Forms, along with updated instructions. This is what you need to know.

Compliance Check: Becoming an Applicable Large Employer

Written by benefitexpress | September 27, 2017
My employer will become an Applicable Large Employer (ALE) in 2017 and will be subject to the employer mandate for the first time in 2018. When will the employer be required to offer health coverage to full-time employees in 2018? We cover everything you need to know.

IRS to Employers: "The ACA [Is] Still in Force"

Written by benefitexpress | September 20, 2017
Employers may believe due to a January 20 executive order they are not obligated to comply with ACA reporting requirements. This is not the case. In regards to the January executive order, it does not change the ACA. The ACA legislative update will continue to enforce the ACA until the act changes.

New Tool Compares ACA Repeal/Replace Proposals

Written by benefitexpress | July 14, 2017
You've heard of the major ACA repeal proposals: the House's American Health Care Act and the Senate's Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017. Between amendments and back-up proposals, it's easy to lose track of how plans actually stack up. Compare proposals to replace the affordable care act here.

Webinar | Regulation GPS: Re-routing Health and Welfare Plans

Written by benefitexpress | May 2, 2017
The new administration is causing major shifts in the benefits industry, specifically ACA health and welfare changes. Get the download of the new laws you need to know to keep your benefits compliant.