Social Round-Up: These Are A Few of our Favorite Updates

Social Media Round-Up

Written by Claire Bauer | October 25, 2019

Top HR social media posts by benefitexpress

We're at the end of another exciting week at Benefitexpress. Whether you attended our FMLA webinar, downloaded our new HRA cheat sheet, or are preparing for ACA reporting season, we've compiled a few of our top favorite social media status updates below.

This week's round-up topics include:

  • ACA reporting tips
  • 4 types of HRAs
  • Top benefits administration vendor list
  • Employee onboarding strategy best practices
  • Increasing employee engagement and satisfaction

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1. Goodbye enrollment, hello ACA 

The saying "when one door closes, another one opens" rings true especially to the world of HR and benefits administration. As open enrollment season is reaching its peak, and soon, will come to an end, we welcome in ACA Reporting season. ACA reporting can be confusing, but it doesn't have to be when you partner with Benefitexpress! We can help you better prepare for this year's ACA deadlines. Learn more in this new blog post.

ACA Reporting Services

2. Understanding the 4 types of HRAs

You may have seen this HRA cheat sheet on LinkedIn earlier this week. Whether you're a smaller company or an enterprise organization, navigating reimbursement options no easy task. To help you out, we broke down the 4 types of HRAs, basic requirements of each, and related compliance issues in post below.

Types of HRAs

PS. Ready for a deeper look into the newest HRAs? Watch our on-demand webinar that lays out the new HRAs for 2020 and what to expect come the new year.

3. We were named a top benefits administration vendor by Shortlister!

Benefitexpress is honored to be named one of the top 2019 Benefits Administration vendors by Shortlister. In a world of consumer-driven health, our fully outsourced solutions helps employees make informed benefits decisions, enhancing engagement and job satisfaction.

Our company's values are built into everything we do. Be sure to visit our website to learn more about our services, clients, and the team leading Benefitexpress.

Shortlister Top Benefits Administration Vendor List

4. What does your employee onboarding program look like?

The new year is in clear view! And an effective onboarding program could be your ticket to organizational wins. We cover four areas to evaluate when it comes to your employee onboarding program and how they'll help you improve your overall employee onboarding experience.

Employee Onboarding Program

5. Go beyond employee benefits and perks

The most important asset of any company? Employees.

How you invest in your employees is up to you—but it's important to develop an investment strategy to improve morale, increase retention, drive loyalty and improve your organization's reputation. This blog post presents ten ways you can be more invested in your workforce to keep team morale high!

Invest in your Employees

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