Michelle Northey June 3, 2020 4 min read

3 Things Employees Would Rather Do from Their Phones

Can your employees do these top 3 tasks on your benefits mobile app?

When you’re looking for information on the fly, where do you go to get it? Chances are you’re more likely to whip out your smartphone than boot up your laptop or desktop computer. While this behavior is often related to consumer-driven activities like ordering food or online shopping, it’s also the norm for employees when needing access to job or benefits related info.

This presents employers with an opportunity to provide employees with a mobile experience. In doing so, it’s important to consider what benefits related activities employees would rather do from a mobile device.  

Besides the most obvious answer, which is everything, there are three critical things your employees would rather do from their phones as opposed to visiting a website for their benefits related information.

1. Access information about benefit plans and coverages

Let’s face it, understanding benefits is not always easy. Your employees likely don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their benefits (with the exception of during annual enrollment when they have to make a decision about elections or when they have a need to use their benefits). Having an app that includes a quick view into benefits information such as plan features and details provides a simplified user experience.

2. Be reminded of important actions and deadlines

Everyone is busy. Busy with work, busy with family, busy with life in general. It’s hard to keep track of the balancing act and staying on top of it all. Employees want reminders of what they need to do and when. Having notifications within a mobile app delivers the solution. You can notify employees of deadlines such as for open enrollment, or when they need to provide additional information for dependents. No more relying on the email jungle! Send a personalized notification directly through the app.

3. Find answers to questions or get help

Whether it is finding out how to contact insurance providers or talking to someone at the call center for help with detailed questions or specific scenarios, the app has all that information at the employee’s fingertips. This means zero time spent looking up how to find help and quick resolution to specific questions because employees know where to go.

Quick access to information, understanding what must be done by when and knowing where to go if additional support is needed are critical things your employees would rather do from their phones. Which, of course means more time for their favorite phone activities like scrolling through their Instagram feed or posting a new video dance on TikTok!

The mobile app world is a big one – allowing consumers and employees to do just about anything with just a few taps. Employee benefits should be no different. Give your workforce the ease and convenience they expect when you activate Benefitexpressway as part of your My Benefit Express experience.