[Infographic]: The HSA Money Circuit

Written by benefitexpress | July 27, 2015

This infographic explains how your money travels through a Health Savings Account (HSA).

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How to Use This Infographic:

Circuitry is confusing... so what's going on? The main purpose is to show the manipulation of money in a health savings account. If you were to trace your finger along the circuit (starting with Initial Investment), then the storyline of what you should observe goes as follows:

  1. Investments come from several sources and can happen throughout the year
  2. Qualified health expenses are deducted from the HSA and applied to the deductible
    • The red lines represent what you pay out of the HSA (or out-of-pocket)
    • Once the deductible is satisfied, you only pay coinsurance while your insurance covers the rest.
  3. Funds roll-over at the end of the term
The HSA Money Circuit

Topics: Health & Wellness, Benefits Technology