The Current State of Benefits Administration

Written by Christine Frisch | July 20, 2018

With the 2018 third quarter already underway, and fourth quarter annual enrollment right around the corner, it’s important to take time to reflect on the current state of benefits administration for two reasons:

1) So you are fully prepared for what’s ahead in the remainder of the year, and 2) So you can begin to plan appropriately for 2019. Below is a brief overview of the trends experts are seeing within the industry.

More online than paper
No surprise here as we are deeper into technological advances than ever before among all industries – and the “ben admin” industry is no different in terms of transitioning from paper to online faster than past generations.

Though there are still many organizations and broker businesses that do operate paper-style, there is a large chunk that have migrated to online enrollment, and we will continue to see those transitions occur.

Move from transactions to experiences
Initially, the big question was “How do we capture transactions and send them to a carrier or payroll provider?” Today, the key question should be “How do we develop more
personalized benefits enrollment experiences for employees?

It can’t just be a transaction on a screen – employees are looking for more educational support as enrollment technology becomes viewed as an extension of the company's benefits department.

Improved communication methods
Years ago, communication methods were mostly printed materials and direct mail, such as posters and postcards or informational packets sent to employee homes. Today, however, communication methods are transitioning to mostly digital.

We continue to see communication advancing from email campaigns and videos, to text messaging and app notifications, and, most recently, decision-support tools that use artificial intelligence integrated directly within the enrollment experience to further communicate and educate employees on their employee benefits options.

With multiple methodologies of communication available now, enrollees expect personalization, as everyone has a preferred method of receiving and digesting information.

The key takeaway here: there is not a one-size-fits all style for communication.

Benefits enrollment for everyone
Benefits shouldn’t be a headache. Enrollment technology can put an end to the frustrating and confusing way you and your employees have had to deal with enrollment and administration.

Online enrollment makes the benefits process easy to understand and a breeze to use — by anyone — freeing up time for HR departments to focus on what's truly important  investing in the health and wellness of their workforce.

Benefits administration and enrollment should be easy for everyone. Learn how our HR technology and service solutions can simplify your responsibilities and help employees make informed decisions - enhancing employee engagement and employee satisfaction.


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