Michelle Northey November 24, 2020 4 min read

Open Enrollment Season: The Best Time of Year to Give Thanks for Your Employees

Show your gratitude during benefits open enrollment

November is a great month to show gratitude. Ever since I was a child, Thanksgiving has been my favorite holiday. I cherish this time every year with family, food and fun. Since this year’s Thanksgiving will look a little different, we need to change our expectations around the usual traditions. However, gratitude remains consistent.

Showing gratitude isn’t only for loved ones at home. It’s important for employers to show their employees how much they appreciate them as well. Coincidentally, benefit open enrollment season coincides with the Thanksgiving season in the month of November. The benefits employers are providing to their employees continues to grow each year, both in variety of benefits types and in the overall number of options. benefitexpress has the solutions your employees need to be successful in choosing and enrolling in their benefits plans.

You'll be thankful for My Benefit Express™

It’s important that employers provide an easy and informative enrollment experience for their employees by using an intuitive benefits solution like My Benefit Express. Our solution simplifies the enrollment process by providing a personalized experience to the employee, combined with the flexibility needed by the employer to support the complexity of benefit plan configurations.

Don’t forget the side dishes (and extra decision support!)

Employees can receive even more support in the benefits decision-making process by using solutions like BeneFITwise™. Our benefits decision support solution suggests personalized benefits plan options for each employee using artificial intelligence (AI) to provide a ranked list of choices specifically designed to meet their needs. Choosing a benefits plan can be overwhelming for employees, and by offering BeneFITwise, you can increase employees’ confidence in their decision-making process.

Be grateful every day for Benefitexpressway™

Employees can access their benefits information at any time via the Benefitexpressway mobile app. They can view details of their benefits plans, view dependents and coverages, declare life events and upload important documents. In case of any urgent requests or questions about their benefits, employees can also quickly contact our Customer Care Center through the app and receive help right away.

There’s always room for more benefit options

Let’s not forget that benefits aren’t just a once-a-year opportunity. Providing lifestyle benefits and employee discounts through the Benefitexpress Marketplace™ is a great way to show employee appreciation year-round. The Benefitexpress Marketplace offers lifestyle benefits such as pet insurance, home and auto and identity theft, financial products such as low interest loans for employees, student loan repayment and payroll purchasing programs plus everyday discounts, and much more. It’s another way to expand the benefits available to your employees.

While the pandemic has been difficult for everyone, there is still so much to be thankful for each day. Your employees will truly appreciate all that open enrollment has to offer when you work with a reliable benefits administration partner that provides the service and solutions you need for open enrollment success.

Connect with benefitexpress and we can help you create an open enrollment experience that will show your employees how grateful you are for them year-round.