Michelle Northey October 30, 2020 5 min read

Don’t Get “Tricked” by Open Enrollment; We Have the “Treats” You Need!

Make benefits open enrollment a treat 

The crunching sound of walking on leaves, the smell of a bonfire, and a sip of a pumpkin spice latte are all familiar signs of the transition of the season. In today’s world, it’s the simple things that can bring comfort and ease the stress of many unknowns.

In addition to Fall, we are also in the season of annual benefits enrollment. And the sounds, smells and tastes of “AE season” may be much different coming from employees who make these important decisions once per year—crunching of numbers, smells of indecision, and the taste of confusion may be the reality.

But annual enrollment doesn’t have to feel tricky! Let’s look at a few ways that benefits enrollment technology and other value-added features can make AE a treat for employers and participants alike.

Making decisions doesn’t have to be scary when you have AI to help

Just like trying to pick what costume to wear on Halloween night, choosing a benefits plan may feel overwhelming. Decision support solutions such as BeneFITwise simplify the decision-making process. Employees receive personalized recommendations based on unique individual inputs such as capacity to pay for unexpected expenses, health care use such as doctor visits over the past year, and prescriptions taken daily. Our AI engine analyzes employee data, eligible benefit plans, and presents plan rankings and recommendations.

Take goodies on the go with a mobile app

Benefits are important year-round, not just at annual enrollment. Making it easy for employees to have their benefits information on-the-go through a mobile app provides them a way to access what they need, when they need it, wherever they are. Our mobile app Benefitexpressway increases employee engagement through a personalized experience. Each employee has detailed views into their benefits information and can easily find what they need to know. It serves as an extension of the company branded experience to provide consistency, whether employees are using the mobile app or a full website experience. There are clear calls to take action through app notifications ensuring time sensitive activities are completed on time, and education on how to get help when needed through contacting the call center or accessing carrier sites. Plus, additional “goodies” such as videos that explain specific types of benefits and the ability to store all ID cards in one place.

More benefits choices are definitely a treat

Like being able to select your favorite candy bar from the neighbor’s goody basket on Halloween night, employees want more choice around what benefits are available to them. And not just during annual enrollment, but year-round. With the Benefitexpress Marketplace, employees can choose from a variety of lifestyle benefits to create a unique set of benefits personalized for their needs—at any time. Types of products include financial assistance through short term loans or student loan repayment, merchandise purchase programs, legal assistance, pet insurance, identity theft, home and auto insurance, and a wide variety of employee discounts.

When you deliver more benefit choices, help employees make decisions, and provide a way to access benefits throughout the year, annual enrollment season can be an enjoyable employee experience for all.

If you would like to enjoy the wonderful sounds, smells, and tastes of fall, without feeling the fear of open enrollment season, let’s get in touch. Our benefits experts are standing by ready to help you provide an exceptional annual enrollment experience!