11 Simple Survey Questions to Ask for Post Open Enrollment Analysis

Written by Allison Loehman | December 21, 2018

Post Open Enrollment Analysis

This week, we continue on in our series designed to help you create a powerful open enrollment post-mortem strategy.

We've broken this topic into individual articles in order to help you prioritize the different groups you'll need to talk with after open enrollment comes to a close. As a reminder, those groups are:

1) Employees
2) Internal Stakeholders
3) Your benefits broker
4) Your technology partner

Last week, we provided you the top five post open enrollment survey questions to ask your employees as well as a list of actionable next steps, ideas for future follow up, and ways to analyze the data.

But now it's time to survey your key internal stakeholders with a different set of questions that evaluate the open enrollment period retrospectively. To get the data you need, we recommend asking questions around these four topics: Planning, Execution, Results, and Communication.

Start With a Survey

Here are some sample survey questions you can provide key internal stakeholders to help guide your post open enrollment analysis:

Please rate the following statements on a scale of 1-5, based on agreement (1= I disagree, 5= I agree).

  1. We had adequate time to prepare and plan for open enrollment this year.

  2. Our benefits administration software allowed us to execute open enrollment effectively.

  3. We met our open enrollment goals.

  4. We communicated effectively as a team.

  5. We communicated effectively to our employees.

Please complete the following open-ended questions as thoroughly as possible.

  1. Which of our pre-open enrollment processes worked well?

  2. Which processes can be improved?

    Tip: Stakeholders short on time? Make these questions a multi-select checkbox format and list out specific process to select from and / or rank.
  3. How can we improve these processes for next year?

  4. Did we get the results we wanted?

  5. Will the results make an impact on the health and wellness of our employee population?

    Tip: To save time with these question, use "Yes / No" buttons with required comments only if the participant selects "No."
  6. How can we improve communication around open enrollment, both as a team and to our employees?

Analyze survey data and use emerging themes as agenda topics

Survey analytics will allow your team to analyze open enrollment successes and failures with neutral data rather than mere opinion. To help shape your agenda, review your data and organize feedback into three themes:

  1. What should we stop doing?

  2. What should we start doing?

  3. What should we continue doing?

By addressing the most important issues that arose from your survey data, you will be able to keep your meeting relevant, actionable, and most importantly — productive.

Employees? ✓ Internal Stakeholders? ✓ Who should I survey next?

Join us next week for the three conversations you need to have with your benefits broker after open enrollment. It's sure to provide you helpful insights as you continue your quest for conducting a successful open enrollment post-mortem.

Leading the open enrollment experience for your organization is not easy. That's why we do the hard work to make benefits administration happen. Giving HR professionals more time to focus on what truly matters — improving the health and wellness of your people. Are you ready to get back to basics and discover a better way to manage benefits?

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