COVID-19: Donate Meals to Healthcare Workers

Help those on the front lines: a small way to make a big difference

Written by Julia Goebel | March 29, 2020

Supporting your community during COVID-19

When things get tough, people get to work!

All around the country, and in Chicago, individuals have organized signups for restaurant deliveries to workers on the front lines. At benefitexpress, we celebrate the Community Effect. In times like these, the community is rallying around healthcare providers with a simple gesture of kindness and we invite you to join us. The idea is simple...

In fact, it couldn't be easier to support your community healthcare centers. Simply choose a hospital, choose a date, and order food from a restaurant near the facility. There is no direct contact between the public and the facility.

How you can help:

  • Sign up to sponsor a meal
  • Form a group and sponsor a meal
  • Spread the word – tell a friend

Browse Chicago-area hospitals, and make a donation. Be sure to read the guidelines for each facility or department, as requirements may vary.

If you'd like to support a hospital near you, you can learn how to set up a similar program, using these simple steps. A good place to start is to contact the hospital's foundation to learn if something similar is in place.

Benefitexpress is proud to have donated to the hospital systems listed in the link above. As individuals, we can all do our part. Join the effort today in supporting your community during COVID-19.

We invite you to attend our upcoming webinar on COVID-19 for employers, which will cover the evolving situation on how companies are responding to these times. For more information and guidance on COVID-19, visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website. 


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